Startup and Turn-Around Consultant

Jeffrey J. Spira - Professional Experience

2001-Present - Spira International, Inc., Huntington Beach, California - President

Spira International and Jeff Spira Started up and ran an engineering consulting and quality consulting company. As such, I've had the opportunity to contribute to some of the most innovative research in electric and electric/hybrid vehicle technology, designing drive systems, chassis systems, and especially manufacturing technology to bring some of the new vehicles closer to mass production. In addition, I assist other companies with obtaining their ISO and other management system certifications. Some major accomplishments included:

  • Created steady growth of the company every year since its inception, even through dismal eonomic times.
  • Creation of top performing websites (Google page 1 for dozens and dozens of key phrases) for my innovative products and services, gaining international recognition.
  • Sourcing and negotiation of major supplier contracts in China for inexpensive and high quality motor vehicle components.
  • Design, development, and grant writing for new, innovative manufacturing methods to bring modern manufacturing to hybrid/electric conversions for US Government fleets and for vehicle manufacturing in Latin America and Asia.
  • Assisted dozens of companies in obtaining their ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, ISO 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, RIOS, R2, ITAR, AS 9100, AS 9120, and other management standards implemented and certified.

1996-2008 - KMS Bearings, Automotive, Celtic Products, Inc., Anaheim, California - President

Celtic Products and Jeff SpiraStarted up and assumed full P&L responsibility for an automotive components manufacturer. I performed all aspects of the company startup and development from the business plan generation to detail manufacturing equipment design including sales, engineering, quality, manufacturing, finance, and management of every detail of the organization. The company received a major 5-year tier 1 supply contract to supply steering column subassemblies to General Motors. Some major accomplishments included:

  • Managed profitably for every year since the creation of the company, including the first. Most years showed a pre-tax profit in excess of 30%
  • Creation of systems in compliance with QS-9000 (the automotive industry variant of ISO-9000) from work instructions through complete certification. Later converted to ISO-TS 16949.
  • Negotiation & management of a multi-million dollar, five year contract with the largest automotive supplier.
  • Detail design and construction of all custom automated assembly machines, automated inspection machines and computerized data collection gauging systems resulting nearly halving overall manufacturing labor costs.

1994-1996 - Elpac Electronics, Components Division, Irvine, California - General Manager

Elpac Electronics and Jeff SpiraTook over P&L responsibility for a small two facility (Irvine and Tijuana) electronics components manufacturer. Duties included directing all aspects of the business including sales, engineering and manufacturing. Hired, fired and reviewed all staff and management level personnel. Responsible for directing all company activities. Acted as General Manager, Engineering Manager, Quality Manager and Sales Manager. Some major accomplishments included:

  • Complete reversal of continuing declining business for five years to a growth of over 15%.
  • Personally took charge of sales department and pursued a number of new growth market niches including modern lighting systems and electric vehicles.
  • Established of an operating automated Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system for manufacturing.
  • Expanded Mexican maquiladora operation to greatly reduced costs for labor intensive operations with improved quality & reduced cost.

1992-1994 - Unit Design, Orange, California - President

Unit Design and Jeff SpiraFull P&L responsibility for a small electronics manufacturing equipment manufacturer. Involved in all aspects of the business including sales, engineering and manufacturing. Hired, fired and reviewed all staff and management level personnel. Responsible for directing all company activities to turn the company around from a declining to a growth position. Some accomplishments included:

  • Complete reversal of declining business in the first six months to a growth position finishing the first year with double the sales of the previous year, while simultaneously turning the bottom line from a loss to near even followed by a profit in the second six months.
  • Took charge of all foreign sales and established five new Far East distributors in the first six months resulting in growing sales where there were none.
  • Responsible for introducing four new products to the company's existing five-product line-up to convert the business from a component supplier to a full system supplier.

1984-1992 - J. Spira & Associates,, Westminster, California - President

J. Spira & Associates and Jeff SpiraStarted up, owned and managed a manufacturers representative, engineering services, and custom machine design company. I was responsible for machine design, product design and sales for the aerospace, energy and industrial markets. Some accomplishments included:

  • Sale, design & development, and testing of a number of computer controlled manufacturing machines.
  • Development of the Los Angeles and Orange County sales territories for aerospace hydraulic valves and components. Increased sales in the territory from nothing to in excess of $50,000 per month in a single year. Sold to both prime contractors such as McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell and Northrop, and sub contractors, such as Parker Hannifin, Sterer, Sargent.
  • Design of several complete new product lines for manufacturing companies including the Greene Tweed MSE seal line and the KMS Bearings plastic and stainless ball bearing line.
  • Designed, developed and tested numerous fluid power actuators, valves, pumps, electromechanical actuators, and flight control mechanisms for aerospace and military application including pyrotechnic actuators for missile systems, electromechanical actuators for missile and helicopter flight controls, quiet hydraulic valves for nuclear submarines.

1981-1984 - DEL Industries, Santa Ana, California - General Manager

Del Industries and Jeff SpiraBegan as the Operations manager, then quickly took over full P&L responsibility for this small leisure product manufacturer. Responsible for all aspects of engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, scheduling, sales, and personnel for 15-person company. Some major accomplishments included:

  • Complete turnaround from a 12% loss, when took over, to 20% pre-tax profit two years later.
  • Designed, developed and introduced new products to add to the company's existing product lines.
  • Introduced computerized Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control.
  • Initiated the international sales effort to smooth the highly seasonal local nature of the business. Successful in building sales in Southern hemisphere areas (Australia & South America) resulting in lengthened effective year and greatly improved profits.

1978-1981 - W. S. Shamban Co. (Now Smith Aerospace), Santa Monica, California - Engineering Manager

Shamban and Jeff Spira Began as applications engineer for the company's bearing division in Newbury Park, CA responsible for customer interface and bearing applications recommendations and engineering. Promoted to Engineering Manager of Variseal division in Denver, CO where was responsible for 8 person engineering department and three person quality control department. Later transferred to Aerospace division in Santa Monica as assistant to the corporate V.P. of Engineering where was responsible for special engineering trouble shooting projects for the company's eight divisions. Developed numerous new products including the fix for the Three Mile Island nuclear powerplant seal failure.

1976-1978 - Hydranautics (now Bardex), Goleta, California - Project Engineer

Hydranautics (Bardex) and Jeff SpiraFull technical responsibility for hydraulically powered heavy load lifting and moving systems, including stress analysis, design interface, customer interface, testing, field installation, training and commissioning. Some of my major international projects included the world's heaviest lifting device, the 15,000 ton ship elevator in Batangas Bay, the Philippines (also the world's largest fluid power hydraulic system,) and the world's biggest moving land structure, the east stands expansion of the Denver Mile High Stadium, 16 stories high and weighing 5000 tons.